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02:15 25-08-2017
Unbekannter Zivilist
Thank you for providing this extremely helpful ressource!
16:39 04-06-2015

what a great map site. I've been playing these games since X Beyond... And this is the best map site I've seen ever.
Love your work.
00:00 20-11-2014
Many thanks for this excellent resource.
Makes X3RXTM very enjoyable.

06:30 20-02-2014

THanks I really anticipate TC version of this!
10:40 12-12-2012
Achatos (admin)
Message to all:

Sorry for the short disconnection due to a HACK.
It is all up and running again.
Thank you for your patience!


ps. I have plans to work on a TC version (or X Rebirth version) for the map
02:51 09-12-2012
12/08/12,was using map the other day but now today you can't sign in to the map,it's there for a second or two then another site pops up,this is the site Httpsecurity.org if there's a fix for this can you email me,thanks this map is great,thanks for putting the time into it.very helpful.
Replied on: 16:19 11-12-2012

I know. The site had been hacked!
I'm working on it.

16:14 01-05-2012
Fanfookintastic map. Finally get to actually collect the hidden containers in a vanilla game without throwing the pc out the window. WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!!!
13:33 15-04-2012
I'm fan of your Active Map!
It's very useful to help trading in the game.
I'm developper and I just start a project based on the same idea,
maybe we can help each other ...

If you need help to fill your database for example ...
have a look there http://eng.x3tc.ru/x3_tc_map/ware-list.php?s=crystal
And I'm looking for the same database but in Excel format...

And so, I have two little suggests for your map :
- we're seeing the sectors which product a resource but we want to see also the sector which buy this resource
- when we choose a resource and we point a sector, we want to identify which station in this sector product this resource, maybe just by underling it

And sorry for my mistakes in English, I'm French

23:17 11-04-2012
Great MAP!
21:46 04-04-2012
Great map, thanks to anyone who made it, it's been a great help!
23:12 17-10-2011
Guys,what's up with the "active map of x3 reunion and XTM"? No improvements since 2008? to bad cos i like this game...X3 Reunion is here to stay for years to come. Great job for the "Egosoft" team for making this wonderful game. Thank you
13:15 11-01-2011
Dont know if you re still on this... Just found your site and it is tremendous work....
...unluckily, Im playing TC.
In some other reply (Nov2009 if Im not mistaken) you said it's gonna take some time to do it for TC.
Are your intentions still valid about this?
Thnx again for a job really well done.
23:46 09-10-2010
Great Work!
It really was a help.
21:59 08-10-2010
Hey, I just found a sector that isn't on this site. its called Memorial of Light and it is at the south gate of Akeela's Beacon.
I hope this helps.
18:05 30-08-2010
Hoi Allemaal,

Wil even mijn complimenten geven over de site, zeer leuk gedaan!

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